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School Health Screening Programme

Mental well- being is a vital part of a child’s development, yet it is an area that has been neglected by the society at large. Nobelova Gradani is set up to champion the advancement of the physical and psychological well-being of the Nigerian Child.

We are able to achieve this by our yearly School Health Programme, which is a policy by the Ministry of Education’s School Health Policy 2007 section 2(b). This section states that all school -aged children should be screened physically and mentally, periodically to make sure that early intervention services are provided for them to learn better in school.

Our school health programme consists of the following screenings: 

Physical component of the screening

  1. 1. Vision
  2. 2. Hearing
  3. 3. Dental
  4. 4. Developmental

Mental Component of the screening  

  1. 5. Neuro-developmental challenges
  2. 6. Social behaviour
  3. 7. Developmental indicators for Learning
  4. 8. Speech, Language and Communication

When a child is identified during our school health screening as being at Risk of academic underachievement the opportunity for success is offered by enrolling the child into our Early Intervention Programme. Once enrolled, the child will be placed on a Programme called Language and Social Skills Programme which is based in the B.F Skinner’s Verbal Behaviour (1957). This programme brings together the procedures and teaching methodology of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior in an effort to provide a behaviorally based language programme for children with neuro-developmental delays. This programme is a treatment programme that provides the necessary strategies a child lagging behind needs.

Early Intervention Programme age group 0-3 years  

For any concerns with your child’s development contact our Child Development Clinician on 09094534077,

Give your children the best start in life make sure they are healthy to Learn.

All screenings are performed by Certified Specialist and Professionals from Nigeria, the United States and United Kingdom.

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