Great ideas come out of new perspectives. Helen Obiageli Oshikoya dreamt of a glamorous future as an actress on the world stage but one day something happened; she came across children being consigned to a future without hope simply because they were born different to other children. By this time she was already pursuing a legal career. She used her savings to ensure that she obtained high value certifications in mental health and without fear she started up Nobelova Grandani (Noble Citizen) from the onset she was determined that each child would receive only the best of care and treatment. In her words “every child has a right to education in spite of their disability.” Starting out was difficult – there were very few trained professionals and lack of knowledge can create powerful vested interests. Through a mixture of co-opting, resisting and collaboration she was able to lay new frameworks for mental healthcare.

Today Nobelova Gradani has 40 children in its Early Intervention program, it is providing screening for 6 private and one public hospital and has 54 schools practicing school health. Nobelova Gradani is not stopping. It intends to train over 100 Neurodevelopmental at a cost of $1,000,000. At the moment it already has 45 in residence. It is creating new career lines in mental health and through its advocacy program AdvoHealth it is creating a just and caring society.

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Nobelova Gradani Psycho-Educational Services is dedicated to making sure that individual with Mental Health problems get the best Mental Healthcare possible. Our area of expertise is in the detection, assessment, diagnosing as well as the management of individuals who are psychologically challenged.

Every child deserves to make his or her mark. Each should have every opportunity to reach his or her full potential and we can help you make this possible by providing developmentally screening for your child to address early childhood situation before they become a lifelong problem; so give your child a chance to succeed in life.

Early detection of mental health challenges is necessary for early intervention and this is what we aim to provide. Early detection of mental health challenges that are treated can enable one live a potentially full productive live.


Breaking Boundaries in Mental Healthcare in Africa, to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves by providing comprehensive mental health services that are efficient, effective, affordable and acceptable using qualified manpower; evidence based practical ideas and strategies that work in the areas of detection, diagnosing, assessments, interventions, counseling and medical related issues.


Delivering a unique and affordable Mental Healthcare service that universally embraces the psychologically challenged regardless of status with a view to positive integration into mainstream society.

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